PignaThe village of Pigna is believed to have been founded around the year 800 by Consalvo, one of the Count Colonna’s compagnions sent by the Pope to free Corsica from the Sarazins. Pigna has become the flagship of social and cultural experimentation locally in the Balagne region and in the whole of Corsica. Further to the economic decline in rural areas and an aging population, Pigna faced a lifetime challenge in the 60’s. Having overcome this challenge, there are now more youngsters than elderly people in the village and most of the village’s inhabitants are into producing and creating local products and items, there is a pottery maker, an instruments maker, a hand made furniture maker, a mason, two shepherds, two locally produced foodshops and craftshops.

Past and present

The mansion came back to life when a few friends decided to run an association from there. That was in 1985. The association delt with corsican cuisine, chant music and also welcomed visitors. The mansion actually belongs to one of the oldest families of Balagne.
Once upon a time kids were running around in this family house, delicious food was prepared in its kitchen and the olive oil mill was producing fine and pure oil for all. The wood-burning bread oven was fed with local scented wood and schrubs. The atmosphere had a sense of tradition, a balance between tradition and the simple pleasures in life.
Today the mansion welcomes artists all year round some of which have their permanent residence here (e.g Madrigalesca, A Cumpagnia, Zamballarana). They create the beautiful
sounds of a new beginning.

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