Apart from being a lovely and welcoming hotel, Casa Musicale is part of gathering of associations called Federation Voce. The primary association set up in 1978 was called Voce Cumune. It grew into a federation a few years ago with Casa Musicale, A Cumpagnia, Arte di a Musica, Festivoce. Its main goal is to train teachers to educate youngsters to corsican chanting and music instruments, promote corsican music, chants and language. Fundamental research is also undertaken.

Media Center this area located in Festivoce building in Pigna gathers books, dvds, cds and all sorts of supports related to Corsican music and chants.

Estivoce is a summer festival organised by the association Festivoce. It takes place each year from 3rd to 13th July in a few villages in Balagne and especially in Pigna. It celebrates the voices and welcomes people from all over the world.

Casa Editions music label and recording studio the recording studio has been renovated and equiped with high-tech recording equipment in 2006. Local and worldwide artists come to Pigna’s studio to complete their work as the local atmosphere and equipment stimulates the artists’ minds. Casa Editions label has now produced over 30 albums : www.casa-editions.com

The Auditorium this building is dedicated to music. It has been built to enhance the acoustics in a unique way and to expose its stage as a feature. It’s a place of work, experiments and rehersals but also a place where bands and vocal groups can be creative. It is a concert venue too.

School of arts on saturdays and during weekdays tuition classes are given in Pigna. There you can learn about singing, music instruments, drama / acting and circus activities (e.g. juggling).

Many other crafts and shops in the heart of the village you can find an instrument maker, an engraver, a pottery maker, a mason, Casa di l’artisgiani (a local home made food products), Scata musica (a hand made wooden toys shop), Festivoce, Voce Cumune, Arte di a Musica ( 3 other associations related to corsican music and culture).

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